I only utilize capitalization when I really mean it. I like apple cider and apple sauce. I color-code my closet. I will eat green beans out of the can-which are arranged by brand, type, and expiration date. I cry during TV commercials. My favorite word is ‘lugubrious.’ I live for hazlenuts, but absolutely will not touch shredded coconut. I dance, but incessantly run into things. I sing, but only when provoked. I act, but only sweet and innocent. I strike up conversations in grocery store lines, in shoe hospitals, and with animals at the zoo. I have a propensity to start riots- or start dancing by myself. I collect friends, frogs, and french perfume. I love baby birds and the color blue- but not as well as green. I buy cable, but don’t watch any- except, of course, TV commercials that make me cry. I spend the majority of my time dancing down the aisles at grocery stores, pounding on the piano, and singing in the car at the top of my lungs. I like causing trouble…and do. Often. Lastly, I have opinions- and not necessarily educated ones- on most everything.

In other news, I do this: Spacetaker

And used to do this: Nova Arts Project

Photo from my production of The Joy Luck Club.  See more photos of my acting and directing work here.

Every once in a while I remember what I got my degree in and post some of my writing and updates about my art projects here: First Course in Flight

And finally, I got roped into blogging here: Chron.com City Brights. (Suffice to say, the Chron blog gets updated far more frequently than this one.)


3 Responses to “About”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your manchester… I moved to austin and I also own a TMT.

  2. […] 8 random facts about myself.  The strange habits that first come to mind are already listed here, but I’m not so normal that I can’t come up with a few […]

  3. Hola, gusto conocerte xD Saludos desde Guadalajara, Mexico, espero sigas poniendo buenas canciones en Blip.FM 🙂

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