Vote of confidence

I have an admission: I’ve been apathetic about politics for a long time.  I have wavering faith in my ability to influence any real change.  I have wavering faith in the media to provide me with objective, unbiased feedback on our candidates and leaders.  I am turned off by all the mud-slinging and slander that goes on between candidates and politicians.  I have lost interest in all the meaningless generalizations about who’s best for this job or that- so rarely rooted in facts or tangible evidence.  I’ve had an ideological problem with voting for the lesser of evils… so I haven’t consistently been an active voter.

However, I have never been so shamed as I was today.  Walking to my booth at Poe Elementary, I passed a man being helped by a poll volunteer.  As another volunteer handed me my slip, she remarked that the man claimed he couldn’t read or write and therefore, needed to be helped through the process.  After having voted, I walked past the man on my way out and on second glance, it appeared as though he might be homeless.  And I couldn’t help but be moved.

If this man, illiterate and potentially homeless, either believes he can effect change or merely values the ‘right’ to vote enough to show up at the polls, what has been my excuse?  And what is the excuse for the millions of people who fail to take part in the political process?

I ask this question while accepting my part in it.  Our system is only as good as we make it.  Each one of us has the ability to restore faith in our government and the political process- starting with ourselves.  Get out and vote today.


~ by ladamesansregrets on November 3, 2009.

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