I recently returned from an out-of-state funeral.  Sad, as funerals invariably are, the event brought a family together that is spread out across the country… a silver lining when one was most definitely needed.  While there, I met a host of people and upon meeting one gentleman in particular, I remarked to my companion that he seemed like a genuinely kind-hearted person.  My friend responded by saying, “He is a good person, but he’s had a hard time of it.  The man has just never really gotten a break.”

And as I watched this man with his family- his attentive, attractive wife and his bright, loving children- I couldn’t help but think he was luckier than most.

As we are all scaling back, conserving, and minding our pennies, it seems we are starting to identify the unique opportunity for renewed perspective.  How can we obsess about the future, when the present needs our attention?  How can we get carried away with what we don’t have without appreciating what we’ve had and taken for granted for so long?

The silver lining of this economic crisis is that the details are being swept to the periphery, bringing into focus what is really important.  It serves as a reminder to us all to not let the next time we see loved ones be at a funeral.


~ by ladamesansregrets on March 3, 2009.

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