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I wonder if the recent 25 Random Things in which my friends have been tagging me on Facebook is an evolution of the 8 Random Things Meme that was circulating in the blog scene not too long ago.  Either way, I have succumbed to peer pressure and have come up with 17 more facts I am sure you were just dying to know about me.

Continued from my old blog post, here they are:

9. I HATE talking on the telephone. My aborrhence verges on irrational. Chat, in my mind, is the best thing ever invented. Now, if only I could get my mother to start using it…

10. I had the most perfect cat as I was growing up. She was independent, but loved attention. She would even follow me as I would jog in the neighborhood. Now that she is gone, I have decided I am not so fond of cats. (Excepting kittens that I can play with, but belong to someone else.)

11. While everyone else seemed convinced that I was going to pursue the arts, I wasn’t always so sure. Among my childhood career fantasies are doctor, FBI agent, and National Geographic photographer. My new career fantasy is moving to Africa and becoming a relief worker.

12. I hate James Joyce. Of course, I know his writing is brilliant, but please don’t try arguing with me- I’m quite certain I dislike it.

13. I love Snake Bites. The combination of bitter Guiness and sweet cider perfectly balance one another. But I particularly like Snake Bites when Ace Pear is used and the two liquids stay separated.

14. I had possums living in my garage when I was a kid. They ate cat food and thus, had beautiful, thick fur and pearly white teeth. Thus began my love for rodents and marsupials.

15. I really like monkeys. I wish I had one as a pet. Or a meer kat. A pet meer kat would also be cool.

16. I oddly associate Tom Hanks with my brother. Somewhere between ‘Splash’ and ‘Turner and Hooch,’ I decided they looked alike. (And when they were younger, they did- I promise.) To this day, I can’t really watch movies in which Tom Hanks’ character suffers or dies. ‘The Road to Perdition’ nearly killed me.

17. I have a fascination with all things Asian- particularly Chinese. I have read more Pearl Buck and Amy Tan than anyone I know.

18. I have had recurring dreams that I am married to Adam Sandler since I was in high school. I cannot get them to stop.

19. I use to run track and was actually Long-Jump Champion in my district for… maybe a week.

20. My dad and I bond over show tunes. That should tell you something.

21. Speaking of dad, my father is adopted. We know very little of his real family. Very recently, we learned his parents were Jewish. Having many Jewish friends, this news has been met with a wide array of responses from “This makes you exponentially more date-able” to “You’re not the half that counts.”

22. I talk to my dog. And yes, I believe he understands me.

23. I used to write and illustrate books- from age 7 to 11. Most of these stories had plots blatantly ripped off from ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and involved rabbits and mice resembling those in ‘Secret of Nimh.’ But according to my mother, they were brilliant. Around age 11, I moved on to write Star Trek fan fic. (Yeah, you heard me right.)

24. My first (and only, if any of my puritanical friends ask) porn-watching experience was actually a case of my mistaking a video-tape in my brother’s room for ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’ I was 9 years old. That day I learned there’s a big difference between the Sarah Jessica Parker movie and ‘Girls Just Want to…’

25. I am not above making a fool out of myself in order to make people laugh. That fact alone explains my willingness to break out into dance routines or lively squid/monkey impressions in the middle of crowds and in offices.


~ by ladamesansregrets on January 29, 2009.

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