Overly Accommodating

Allen and I were out looking at condos today.  It was the first time we had looked with a realtor, and the abundance of horror stories and vaguely bigoted comments made us wonder if working with a realtor was such a good idea.  After seeing a few places we liked, we ultimately landed in the Galleria area at the Lofts on Post Oak.  The first condo we were scheduled to see was a foreclosure on the third floor.  The realtor supposedly had the key, but when we reached the door, it didn’t work.  However, there was barking from inside and someone eventually came to the door.  The man who answered looked somewhat surprised, and his surprise was met with a curt “Well, I made an appointment.”  At that, the man shrugged and asked us to give him a minute, since his wife had apparently just gotten out of the shower.  Moments later, they both emerged, apologetic and sheepish, with their dog- she clad in a bathrobe.  Obviously, we had taken these poor people by surprise.  (There were even steaks thawing in the kitchen.)  Being inexperienced in the house-hunting game, this dynamic was more than a little awkward for me and Allen.

The minute we walked into the condo, we knew we loved the place.  Great view.  Great layout.  Great vibe.  But as we looked around at this beautifully furnished apartment, the thought occurred to me that the residents seemed unlikely candidates for foreclosure.  I mentioned this to Allen, and we chalked it up to the possibility they worked in finance.  The price seemed too good to be true, so inevitably, we had several questions for our agent.  Upon looking more closely at the realtor’s description of the condo, the view of the Hilton gardens didn’t quite match up with the listed ‘pool view.’  The realtor checked the unit number again- all seemed right.  Since we were eager to learn more about the place, our realtor left a phone message for their agent.  And as we were headed to the second unit we were scheduled to see in the building, the agent called back.  Turns out we were NOT, in fact, in the right unit.  The condo we  visited was actually nowhere among those units our realtor had listed for sale.  At this point, Allen and I didn’t know whether to laugh or be embarrassed.  We  had just kicked two people out of their house.  It was the ultimate invasion of space.

After a pause, Allen said, “I am going to go back and ask them to make me dinner.”


~ by ladamesansregrets on December 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Overly Accommodating”

  1. That is weird that these people would actually let yo into their house without raising an issue with the real estate agent. Speaking of real estate agents who know their stuff, I have a very good one shall you be unhappy with the one you got.

  2. Sounds like a new realtor’s in order? Sheesh! What a screw up!

  3. *groan* What a NIGHTMARE!!! How could those poor people have not said anything?? I would go back and bring them cookies. Around dinnertime. 🙂 xo

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