Exact quote from tonight’s email received from ABC13’s Wayne Dolcefino:

“Thanks for sharing our private conversation on the arts blog  very classy indeed   and I took time to try and answer your questions   ill remember that”

Did he not realize I would post THIS?!


~ by ladamesansregrets on November 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Really?”

  1. Um, he also linked your blog because “debate is fun” right? Can’t have it both ways, Douchefino.

  2. Also… I wish he’d remember punctuation.

  3. My snarky comment: Maybe what truly bothers him is that I didn’t fix his grammar/punctuation mistakes before I posted his replies. Out of courtesy.

  4. And me:

    You share your opinion with countless people on a daily basis. Did you not think I would share mine?

    And him:

    No I report what other people tell me goodbye

    And me:

    Furthermore, I did not share our conversation on the HAA blog. They found my conversation on my PERSONAL blog and chose to link to it. Then, the Chronicle chose to link to it yesterday- without my knowledge.

    I hope you’re not trying to threaten me.

    And him:

    Give me a break I don’t take silly bait like that

    And me:

    It wasn’t bait. I simply didn’t like the tone of “I’ll remember that.”

    Mr. Dolcefino, I really don’t understand your point. You “report what people tell you” and yet, you call it “art.” That implies subjectivity. Your subjectivity and style is precisely what we took issue with- not the content. No one argues that you made a few good points. The problem is that those points were buried in a great deal of misleading information, opinion, and sensationalism. And with all due respect, I don’t think that, given your style of reporting, you position yourself as the arbiter of good taste or class.

    I furthermore don’t understand why you had a problem with my posting the exchange when you yourself linked your article on the ABC13 page to the HAA blog. You essentially directed people to our exchange, and the fact that a thousand people saw it (according to my blog stats) was partially your doing. Indeed, your criticism of me for posting our exchange is hypocritical at best.

    You needn’t respond to this. You’ve given us all the information we need to know where you stand.

  5. His last response:


  6. What a douche.

  7. Are you sure it’s him responding and not my ex-boyfriend? Sounds eerily similar.

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