top thirteen of week 33

in no particular order:

1. coming home to be greeted by my butterball dog tonight. 

2. the refreshing taste of the four bottles of water i drank upon coming home LAST night.

3. the taste of the lemon icing from the cake i baked for varina’s birthday mixed with the lemon juice from the garnish and the yellow sprinkles.  licking all of the above off my fingers when no one was looking.

4. the fact that upon getting in the car, varina dug her bare hands into the aforementioned lemon cake.

5. dressing up like a super-hero and playing laser tag like a fool with a bunch of 15 year-olds.  realizing i’d make a lousy sniper.  having a fantastic time anyways. 

6. looking around the room at the artist speakeasy to see everyone enthusiastically conducting a few bars of a symphony

7. going to sugar land house to bake the lemon cake, seeing the whole family- if only for a minute- and feeling at home again

8. holding allen’s hand on the way to the airport.

9. rereading this poem by dean young:

10. celebrating the fluff’s special birthday with my bizarre, but inevitably entertaining and notoriously shameless friends- superlemon, superfluff, solorman, captain charming, etc. -and feeling so lucky to have them in my life

11. leaving the house in my slippers, robe, and glasses- wearing a cape- after having drawn black circles under my eyes.  calling myself ‘captain hangover.’  and not giving a damn.

12. receiving a love-your-guts text message from super v a minute ago.

13. the kind words of a coworker that made me feel appreciated.


~ by ladamesansregrets on August 22, 2008.

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