BARC- Save our city’s animals

A friend of mine works with BARC and Friends of BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care)- in other words, the pound.  Each week, they send out emails about animals at BARC that are ready for adoption or foster care.  They do great work in finding homes for these animals and preventing many unnecessary euthanizations.  I’m a HUGE fan.  (The direct website is )

BARC Starz send out updates about animals on a weekly basis via email, but to connect them to the Web 2.0 world, I’ve created a blog, twitter account, facebook account, and facebook group for them.  I’d really appreciate if people could promote the cause to their friends- particularly the blog and facebook profile (that links to the updated blog).

The more people who check the updates, the more animals can be saved.

Click on links below for more information.

BARC Starz Blog (Check now to see if there’s a furry friend you just can’t live without!!!)

BARC Starz on Twitter

Friends of BARC Facebook Group

BARC Starz Facebook Profile

Thanks to everyone for their efforts!


~ by ladamesansregrets on July 17, 2008.

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