Things I like today:

I am scamming this idea off of someone else, but I am having such a rough day today that I thought it was an appropriate time to count my blessings.  Here’s the list of things that shall prevent me from feeling sorry for myself on this vexatious day of mishaps…

1. The word ‘vexatious.’ 

2. Starbucks.  Haven’t actually had any today, but I imagine if I had, I wouldn’t feel so damn exhausted.  A nice cinnamon dolce latte- 16 ounces of overflowing, foamy goodness in my belly.  I can never stay too peeved after good latte. 

3. A mint mojito.  I DID, on the other hand, have one of these at lunch.  Two, in fact.  And they were good.  And free.

4. Jicama.  Don’t know what the hell it is, but I know I like it in my salad.

5. Nail files.  They come in handy for filing down chipped teeth.  Like the one I got today while eating the aforementioned salad.  (Pity got me the free mojitos.)

6. The waiters at Artista.  How else would I get free stuff there?  (Thanks to all you members of the cilantro-plantain brigade who make life just that much more tolerable.)

7. Mom.  Leave it to mom to make you feel better when you call to whine about your problems and your chipped tooth.

8. Ratchet and Clank.  Best freakin’ video game ever.   

9. Boyfriend.  He gets kudos for being generally sweet and patient with my shenanigans.  Just when I am about to bite someone’s head off, he goes and says something warm and fuzzy.  Plus, he even bought a PS3 so that I could play Ratchet and Clank.  (How cool is that?)  

10.  This guy’s blog: BLOG  Not what you’d expect from the title, but totally worth reading.  His post on Father’s Day made me tear up.  Read it here

Those are just examples of happy, shiny things keeping me off the ledge today… Have a good one!


~ by ladamesansregrets on June 16, 2008.

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