I love Lamb

Allen has really taken to the pooch.  After witnessing Fidel play with his torn-up, slobbered-on, eye-less squirrel at my place, Allen thought it would be a nice idea to purchase a new toy that can live at his place.  So, he suggested that we take Fidel to Petsmart and let him pick it out for himself.  (The allure of taking one’s dog to Petsmart wears off pretty quickly when your dog has a Napolean complex and growls/nips at any dog that comes within 3 feet.)  Still, I thought it was cute that Allen was so determined.

At Petsmart, Allen tried throwing any number of toys for Fidel.  And of course, Fidel seemed interested in most of them.  (I imagine the employees at Petsmart really appreciated my dog test-driving their toys.)  However, Fidel seemed particularly excited about this one.

Meet Lamb:


I knew Fidel had an issue with OCD, but Lamb has brought his fetch compulsion to new highs.  He follows us around constantly, begging us to throw Lamb for him.  He literally never stops.  He’s relentless.   

 Here is Fidel attacking Lamb.




Here is Fidel at the moment he has brought Lamb over to me.  He looks at me expectantly.

Here is Fidel getting impatient.








Here is where Fidel places Lamb on my feet as if to insist that I throw him.





Here is Fidel refusing to move until Lamb gets thrown.

Here is Fidel where he has followed me into the bathroom with Lamb.  He stares intently.  








 Here is Fidel where he has followed me into the kitchen with Lamb. 





And back to the bathroom. 

And into the closet.  No place seems to be safe.








Not the bed.   

     Not even the shower.














Allen is probably pretty sorry he ever brought it up.


~ by ladamesansregrets on June 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “I love Lamb”

  1. How interesting that you take the camera into the bathroom with you!

  2. LMAO! This is the funniest thing I’ve seen/read in a while! That picture of the lamb on the bed with Fidel’s little ears sticking up behind it is just too perfect. Good thing you had your camera with you, because the pictures (and the captions) had me laughing out loud.

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