The Birthday Trifecta

I don’t usually document events in this blog, but I figure an occasional ‘this is what I’ve been up to lately’ update would be appropriate.

I have emerged pleased and triumphant following the marvelous birthday trifecta of the pass two weeks. It began with Allen’s ‘Big Lebowski in Little China’ themed birthday party. Lil’ bit Levine was an excellent co-hostess to the event, also celebrating the birthday of James Galloway (responsible for half the faux-Norris sightings around the world). The evening was complete with old bathrobes, Chinese lanterns, White Russians, and many fabulous friends. Many thanks to Morgan Holleman and Tony Ledesma of Boheme for contributing to making the evening a

Shortly on the heels of Allen’s birthday came my big brother’s 40th. We enjoyed wine and cake at the Corkscrew in his honor… and both my father and great Uncle Charlie came out to celebrate. The only snafu was the cake- Robert had told mother he liked German chocolate cake. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite know what German chocolate cake was. My outrageously selfless act of ordering a cake for my brother that I would not touch (due to my aversion to coconut) was completely in vain- since Robert can’t stand coconut either. Alas, you win some and you lose some. Otherwise, a good time was had by all…

Lastly, my dear friend Cynthia had a birthday this last weekend. We started out the evening right with balloons, confetti, margaritas, and Mexican food at Las Alamedas… then swooped over to the Black Swan at the Omni Hotel for drinks and dancing. Adorned with a pink birthday crown and sunglasses, Cynthia was positively glowing all evening.

Aside from birthday party planning, I’ve been on the mend… the crud that’s been going around finally got a hold of me. However, I am pleased to say I am on the up and up.

The last pertinent update is that I am in the home stretch of rehearsals for the upcoming Tamarie Cooper Show, care of Catastrophic Theatre, at Stages Theatre. The show features the hilarious and fabulous Tamarie Cooper and is a complete blast. I play everything from a screaming baby to a Busby Berkley girl. We added the band (which is wonderful) last night, and we open up next weekend. Definitely worth seeing!

(And while I’m on that note, I am inserting a shamless plug for my own theatre company’s current escapade: The War of the Roses. Imagine the cycle of eight Shakespeare history plays presented at together, through the lens of 8 different directors. A daring experiment in theatre… come see. )

That has been the bulk of what has occupied my spare time recently. Onwards…


~ by ladamesansregrets on June 9, 2008.

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