relationship rental policies

cynthia and i amuse ourselves with email banter…

 From: Jenni
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007
To: Cynthia
RE: Is Facebook the new

no, seriously. the good ones are all unavailable. i’m not kidding here. either emotionally…or physically (as in, they live in different time zones…or perhaps they hide in jungles)…or legally.

i’m wondering when other women will start to realize this. the answer? a total upheaval of our preconceived notions of love and relationships. we women should stop accepting advances and proposals and such…just long enough until there is an established population of easily identifiable single men. then, we herd them, corrall them, drug them, and subject them to tom hanks/meg ryan movies…just long enough until they understand what it is we want. then, we beat them into submission. and make them like it. then, we pick and choose as we please…maybe some sort of rental policy. except…not like an old blockbuster type rental…more of a netflix rental. as in, we can send them back when we’re tired of them without penalty of late fees. but perhaps with the candy, popcorn, and cold drink option. 🙂

Her response:

A) Legally unavailable? Are you going after 12 year olds now? I suppose if you can’t find a good man, raise one.

2) Interesting system you propose. Is there, at any time, an option to buy?

Banana) I wonder what kind of a comparable system guys would propose, if given the opportunity. I think it would be remarkably similar, only replace the tom hanks/meg ryan movies with adult films.


~ by ladamesansregrets on February 21, 2008.

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