The First Takes

Fotofest and SWAMP (Southwestern Alternative Media Project) recently called for entries of short films based on the Fotofest themes of ‘China’ and ‘transformations.’ I am collaborating with my friend, Sharad (who created the short film I was in for the MFAH A/V Swap), on a piece: a stream of consciousness rant/voiceover juxtaposed with music and dissonant video images.

I wrote the monologue based on true events, but in a different voice than my own. (The script is included in another blog entry.) We laid down some rough cuts of the audio last night, and 2 may be heard here. (These are the very rough takes, so imagine them sped up- minus the swearing and the pauses and page-turns, etc…..Listen to track 2, the better of the two.)

Anyone who has heard the ‘crab story’ should get a kick outta this. 😉

This is a work in progress, so all feedback is welcome.

And if you haven’t seen our other video, here it is:

The concept for the A/V Swap was that musicians created only music and filmmakers only video. All were reassigned, and then, new material was created for each assignment. So, we were assigned the music… and had to create the video to pertain. Viva la Pak’s!


~ by ladamesansregrets on February 19, 2008.

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