roasted chipmunk

what’s a girl gotta do in order to meet the girlfriend of one her oldest friends?

apparently, poison her dogs. (not the girlfriend’s…my own.)

so… if you’ve done much talking to me recently, you might know that i’m not in the most festive of holiday moods. it just doesn’t feel like christmas this year.

in any case, the biggest plans i had for the day was to head out to sugar land to hang out with mom. while there, i was going to help prepare a few things for tomorrow’s breakfast. (no christmas dinner for us this year.) and so, i’m hanging out in the kitchen with her while she’s cooking some bacon. i sit on the counter and munch on a bagel before i decide it’s kinda stale…at which point i open a can of black olives and am eating those out of the can. and suddenly i hear this ‘crunch crunch crunch’ sound…

and i see fidel coming out of the laundry room. and so, i follow fidel back into the laundry room to see what he’s gotten into…whatever it is, it’s behind the washer. (i’m figuring that, worst case scenario, he’s gotten into some stray dog food that has worked its way under there.) and that’s when i see the rat poison.

so, naturally, i freak out. and not a little. (sidenote: never, in my entire life, have we EVER had rat poison anywhere in our house. we were those people who would actually catch mice and let them go on the golf course. mice are among my favorite animals in the world…and mouse traps and rat poison are practically against my religion. i would NEVER expect for that to be an issue.)

so unfortunately, i’m wiggin out on mom…and pacing and not thinking clearly and thus, not knowing what to do. until finally, i have the presence of mind to look up the number for the emergency vet i know. (the one i know because fidel had a bad allergic reaction to a vaccine once upon a time when he was just a tiny puppy.) and i call them… and the lady on the other end of the receiver gets zero points for knowing how to calm someone down under the circumstances.

so, minutes later, i’ve got both dogs in my lap and i’m speeding to the emergency room… neither dog looking particularly distressed, aside from their concern at my irrational, hysterical behavior. and i get there…and again, the nurses make really grave faces when i mention rat poison… which just upsets me even more. and i fill out all the paperwork and sign all the forms that promise i’ll mortgage whatever it is i can in order to pay for this vet visit (which is absolutely nothing, though i may have signed away my rights to my first-born) and they ask me which one ate the poison. and i say ‘the one who eats everything,’ figuring it will totally be obvious by just looking at them. so…they take fidel. meanwhile, faulkner is getting more and more anxious. and i’m hearing nothing from the stephenson household… which is highly suspect since i get calls from mom every 5 minutes under any other circumstances… my guess at why being that mom is feeling both really upset and very guilty.

and again, i’m getting more and more upset. and i think the nurses are starting to feel a little sorry for me, since they are handing me lots of tissue… and even the lady who is there in the waiting room with her soon-to-be-put-to-sleep cat is trying to comfort me. and adam is on the phone, honestly asking if mom would be willing to poison his cat too, since kat-owen has learned to turn on the faucet and has destroyed adam’s bathroom. (adam is always good for the tasteless humor in moments like these.)

so, after deciding that the animal emergency room has got to be the most depressing place on the planet (especially on christmas eve), the nurse comes out and says that fidel has thrown up…and that he has thrown up A LOT of poison. and then, of course, she proceeds to tell me that had i not brought him in, he would have totally died. (was that detail really necessary? i mean, don’t we all feel bad enough?!)

this is when mom finally calls…and she is so upset that the next few minutes are spent trying to apologize for freaking out on her, as well as relaying that fidel is fine. then comes the next question: did faulkner get into it, too? can’t be sure one way or the other…and given all their frowny-faces and somber warnings about rat poison, i don’t want to take a chance and opt to have faulkner treated as well.

so, both dogs are busy puking their guts out, while i’m still sobbing in the waiting room like an idiot… shocking even myself at how worried i am about these two animals (both having appeared perfectly fine before these vets got their hands on them).

when the whole ordeal is over, i bring them home and decide that i’m not moving off my couch this evening so that i can keep an eye on them. and fidel is acting A-OK…but poor faulkner has a more sensitive stomach and is still clearly affected by whatever they gave him to make him throw up. i finally decide i need a snack from the kitchen, so i go to grab some applesauce…at which point fidel, in usual form, starts patrolling the kitchen floor. (and i’m really wanting to smack him, since it is this compulsive behavior that led to the whole incident in the first place.)

a few hours later, i get a call from adam…and he is outside with his girlfriend. (mind you, i have not met her yet, despite the fact they have been dating for months… and this has been very deliberate.) and i’m thinking that, in some ways, it is slightly fortuitous that my dogs were poisoned today, since otherwise, adam would not be feeling sorry for me and i might not have had the opportunity to meet his woman. and at this point, fidel is obliviously playing with his new gorrilla toy, so i figure it’s probably OK to leave for a little bit…

so, we go get thai food. at thai sticks… which is the only place that appears to be open at 9:30 on christmas eve. and the conversation runs anywhere from what a jerk mike myers is (she’s a casting agent) to what a nice guy deepak chopra is to what movies (not yet released in the movie theatres, but available to us on DVD since she is an academy voter) we will be watching this week. and the music playing starts as some bad tejano version of jingle bells, then changes to what sounds like polish-villager christmas carols to what sounds like ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire.’ but…now, get this…it is not in fact ‘chestnuts roasting.’ it sounds JUST like it…it even sounds like nat king cole…but the conversation dies down for one second and we clearly hear the lyrics “roasted chipmunk” at the point where “merry christmas” usually comes in the song.


and we die laughing…despite the distinct possibility we may be in the twilight zone.

but the moral of the story is this:

the day didn’t end up so badly. fidel and faulkner are both fine. i got to meet adam’s girlfriend. and i will probably get to watch a lot of good movies before anyone else.

so….merry christmas, i guess.


~ by ladamesansregrets on December 26, 2007.

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