me talk pretty online

i am not fond of webspeak.

i appreciate that internet slang saves time…but i have a beef. we use words like ‘awesome’ and ‘fabulous’ all the time in our everyday speech, and i am just as guilty of this as the next person. but how many things are truly awe-inspiring? i choose not to get up in arms about this, because these words and phrases are firmly entrenched in our language along with any number of colloquialisms.
yet, the thing that really bugs me: LOL. i can’t stand LOL. you might ask why. because! because when i write LOL, i had better be laughing out loud. like…for real. i had better get a hearty guffaw out of whatever it follows. because otherwise, it is a useless phrase. and believe me, writing something stupid and then, writing LOL after it does NOT make it more funny. to the contrary, it makes it LESS funny…or maybe just distracts me…because suddenly, it reminds me of a 13 year-old girl in a chat room. (not that 13 year-old girls should ever be in chat rooms.)
example of unsolicited myspace message from random stranger: ‘miss jenni, you seem like a trouble-maker. LOL.’
okay, so i’m not laughing…are YOU laughing? i mean, is that funny? i know they are trying to be cute and flirty…but all they’ve made me do is think of goofy, socially-inept guys glued to their keyboards AND ‘hello kitty.’ AND it prompts me to change my settings to private.
men should NEVER use this phrase. repeat. men should NEVER use this phrase.

smileys, on the other hand, are completely acceptable. 🙂

~ by ladamesansregrets on November 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “me talk pretty online”

  1. This is a funny quirk. LOL b/c I am really laughing at the irony. I’m just saying, “You knew this would happen right?”.

    You have a cool and interesting blog here and I’m glad I “met” you through Twitter.


  2. Watch out for the evil monkey.

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