anyone who has heard my description of last saturday’s events knows that my little honda is undergoing some surgery at the moment. my poor car had a BIG scratch on its right side…but on the whole, its cosmetic appearance has been on the decline for a while. there’s a dent from a friend opening my car door too quickly and too forcefully against a pole in my garage, some scratches on the front bumber where the dealership drive it against a curb, and the scratches on the back bumper where i backed into those annoying rocks with which people edge their yards to prevent parking, (i HATE those rocks) among other things. point being that i’ve been feeling a little self-conscious about the look of my fairly young car…this is same car that came back from the repair-shop once upon a time with teeny-tiny pockmarks in the paint, making me cry because my new baby had its first blemishes. so, when the rental car employee picks me up in a new aura, i immediately start to notice this sleek, new acquaintance. the adjustable seatbelt height…the ignition coordinating with the radio and the transmission coordinating with the doorlocks…the way i can open the sunroof and trunk with the push of the alarm button. i even like the more subtle click of the tune signal. suddenly, i sense myself starting to lust after this new car…i like it’s smell…it’s look in the driveway…the way i feel in the driver’s seat. and the thing is, i HAD a saturn…and i HATED it. but i LOVE this car. and i am beginning to devise a plan for how i can keep this car, instead of my honda…some sneaky reason why i deserve the upgrade. it seems only reasonable that the garage and the rental place will go along with this plan.

but this afternoon, i made one observation: the aura’s fuel gauge. in only two days, i have used over a third of a tank of gas. this is NOT normal. given my usual driving habits, i can drive over two weeks on one tank of gas in my honda. thus, the aura is flawed. and as i am sitting there, embraced by the cushions of this unfamiliar travel companion, i have this overwhelming feeling that i have been cheating on my car. and i genuinely feel guilty. do i admit this infidelity to my honda…or do i just pretend it never happened?

in any case, i miss you, baby. looking forward to having you back.


~ by ladamesansregrets on October 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “cheater”

  1. I am in the process of getting the courage to break up with my vehicle. She (yeah, ironically my car is a she!) is in that stage where it’s better to give her up than pay the maintenance.

    What’s more, I am planning on becoming an automotive gigolo by leasing my next vehicle. I am a cad!

  2. DO NOT under any cercumstances let your Honda read this blog. It would break his battery. 😦

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