so, i just got home from a fantastic show tonight. dashboard confessional. was a solo performance with chris carrabba (singer) and john lefler (guitarist). i grew up with john lefler’s little brother and spent a fair amount of time at the lefler household back in the day. turns out pappa lefler was at the performance…was nice to stop and say hello. and the concert was fantastic. i mean, REALLY good. more on that later…

i get home and what’s on TV but ‘sleepless in seattle.’ and i swear, i cannot see that movie on television without stopping to watch it. and every time i watch it, i cry bucketloads. doesn’t matter if i see the whole thing or the last ten minutes, i cry…EVERY SINGLE TIME. i LOVE that movie. that’s all.


~ by ladamesansregrets on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “addicted”

  1. Tell me about it. There are romantic comedies that I cannot watch without longing for a pint of chocolate ice cream. I long for the days when these movies, when watched with someone special, get me laid instead of fat! 😉

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