4 musings

1. puppies:

so i get email updates from petsmart. i use banfield, the associated vet. a few days ago, i received an email from them entitled,’ loving your pet to death.’ thinking this was probably some inoocuous sale anouncement, i opened it to read a rather shocking email about pet obesity. apparently, not only are our children getting fat…so are our pets. the email goes on to illustrate the dangers of over-feeding your pets. and so, of course, i start to panic about poor fidel. i have tried to feed him smaller portions, but this is a rather undiscerning animal that will eat anything if he’s hungry. (he has spit up full pecans before.) that being said, dieting is easier said than done for my little fuzzy. and even walking is difficult, because i have to take both dogs…and fidel can never keep up with faulkner for very long. so, must i resign myself to this? must i feel guilty every time i give him a biscuit? poor baby.

2. dancing around my apartment:

last saturday, i spent all morning dancing around my apartment. i had the music playing while i cleaned, and one tune just got me moving. and somewhere, mid-shimmy…i got a brilliant idea for an upcoming play project. that’s always a wonderful feeling…when some light bulb goes off in your head and you suddenly have direction. i love that moment of sparked inspiration! now, if i could only remember my great idea….

3. stage mothers:

i am not so sure i enjoy stage mothers. by this, i am not necessarily talking about the women who put pressure on their kids to perform. i’m talking about the next level of stage mothers: the mothers whose children already perform and who might go on tour with their children for a given show. i respect the need for a child to be close to his or her mother, but this situation creates a new breed. so, last night, i’m at a party and these children are running around like comanches. screaming and yelling and playing tag in the middle of a reception for our major donors…with expensive glassware in hand and whatnot. and i am shocked…because these mothers just sat back obliviously as their kids wreaked havoc on the party….children aged 5 to 13. mind you, it is midnight! and the mothers are talking amongst themselves like nothing is out of order. and at one point, the children create a hideout near the coat-check and are yelling at one another…and one child screams at the top of her lungs. and i politely ask the kids to keep it down, when this one little girl screams again. it appears as though she is screaming back at me, and i give her a look that would freeze ice. (seriously… these children should really know better.) and thankfully, the girl looked terrified and got quiet…for a minute anyways. and throughout this experience, i come to 3 conclusions:

-touring with these children must be the best birth control method…EVER.

-it is indeed possible for people to be so removed from reality that they have no sense of propriety.

-these children have hard lives ahead of them. god have mercy on the show-biz kid.

4. bjork

this is random, but it must be said. on my drive yesterday, i came across ‘dancer in the dark’ on one of my mix CDs, and it reminded me of bjork’s oscar performance…and the subsequent flurry of fashion gossips mocking her for her oscar garb faux-pas. but you know…i really, REALLY liked that swan dress. and i admire her for being enough of her own person to unabashedly wear it. i even liked the egg purse. so there.


~ by ladamesansregrets on September 23, 2007.

One Response to “4 musings”

  1. i hate parents who ignore their unruly children. and if you try to get onto the kid, then the parent gets all in your face and starts trying to front. that stuff is wak!

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