divine humor

ah….the byzantine chapel. the one at the menil. if you haven’t seen it, you must make plans to do so. immediately. simply beautiful. the frescos are lovely, but the place itself is magical. in my opinion, much more so than the rothko. i walked in and the only light in the room was that coming from the two candles flanking the pews….excepting that on the frescos themselves. the rest of the altar was simply glowing…an other-wordly translucent white halo against the stark black of the walls. i walked in and sat in the back pew and just stared. and stared. i felt almost paralyzed. i couldn’t take my eyes from the fresco just above the altar. from where i was sitting, you only saw the image of an angel…an angel staring back at me with a face of sublime peace and gentleness. did i feel like the angel was looking at me? yes, i did. which is why i sat there silently for what must have been a half-hour. and in that time i felt so calm and satisfied.

how can one deny the existence of the divine? it was in the air…in the birds singing outside the chapel…the water dripping off the leaves in the trees outside…the glow of the altar…even in the squeak of the shoes worn by the people walking by my pew. i don’t know exactly what that means…but i feel it is true with every inch of my being. i sat there and stared and couldn’t help but cry…just a little. but not tears of sadness, but those of joy. of appreciation. i thought of my family…of my friends…of my life…and i just felt so very grateful and blessed. and content. with all of life’s trials, could it be any sweeter than this?

and then, someone’s cell phone rang. one of those generic nokia rings. and the woman, embarassed, rushed outside…rifling through her purse to grab and silence the offending device. and it put the biggest smile on my face. and instead of being annoyed, it made me laugh. here i am, having this intense moment when someone’s cell phone rings….breaking the mood. but not really. isn’t that what life is? isn’t it the little surprises and problematic occurrences that make it that much more fun? i think so.

after watching the woman rush out of the room, i looked back at the angel looming above in the fresco….and i couldn’t help but notice a hint of a smirk on her face.


~ by ladamesansregrets on January 20, 2007.

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