a challenge to my friends…

i don’t know why i’ve been so freakin’ happy lately, but it’s just as if everything is starting to make sense. for today anyways. and one thing i think is true: positive energy begets positive energy. anyways, your manic friend is hopin’ this feelin’ lasts…

but i thought i would share something that happened to me today…so, i am walking down the street during lunch and i see this guy in a business suit. he’s young and polished… glasses and shined shoes and library books in hand. well, i look at him, just as i would look at anyone passing me on the street, and he flashes a grin a mile wide at me . it wasn’t a flirty smile, but rather, a happy-to-be-alive sort of grin…but it was so big and sincere that it almost stopped me in my tracks. so, naturally, it put a big smile on my face. and the next person i saw on the street saw my wide grin and smiled back at me…which made me smile even more. and as i was walking through the tunnels, i simply could not wipe the goofy look off my face…and each person i would pass would exchange a smile with me. this is NOT NORMAL. the downtown tunnels, like subway stations, are a place where one can disappear in a sea of expressionless faces. but on this day, person after person would smile back at me… and as i am thinking about this, the next person i passed said ‘hello, how are you doing today?’ and it wasn’t at all a typical, half-assed greeting…it was a genuine question. and of course, i responded ‘fine! and you?’ but the thing is, she wasn’t the only one…i counted at least 10 people who said hello to me in the tunnels. complete strangers. again, not normal… but wonderful! shows me one thing: how much effort does it really take to spread a little happiness around? not much. so, i challenge you all (not to suggest that you might not be inclined to do this already) to smile at the next 10 strangers you encounter…to say hello to them all. you never know who’s day might be turned around by that tiny gesture…. it’s not a big deal. and this story may seem insignificant to you. and perhaps it is. but it made my day.

and my lunch destination? a little cafe called la dolce vita. how appropriate. πŸ™‚


~ by ladamesansregrets on January 20, 2007.

One Response to “a challenge to my friends…”

  1. What a nice story, it made me happy πŸ˜€ I’ll try to do this too

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